In lieu of writing, some images of life in Tbilisi…

(all photos from my Instagram account: susanastray)

IMG_20130304_122827First daffodils of the year on my desk

IMG_20130310_143109Pool view from my beloved rooftop gym
IMG_20130325_001715 Local bakery (and a fine example of the funky local alphabet)

IMG_20130325_002417 Shoe repair sign. Poor shoe.

IMG_20130325_200753 Street signs make a sort of impressionist painting of picturesque urban neglect

IMG_20130329_210154 The view from my treadmill, dusk

IMG_20130403_172234 Tbilisi’s charming bohemian style at an outdoor cafe

IMG_20130404_230717 This is NOT my gym. (perhaps it should be?)

IMG_20130409_121714 My new favorite cafe at the end of my street. They play old jazz crooners. Could be 1920s Paris.

IMG_20130419_124509 Signs of the season: these flowers simultaneously appeared on every street corner stall.

IMG_20130218_100857 Classic Soviet Volga. Retro style.

IMG_20130116_084822 Sunrise kingdom. My apartment in the morning.

IMG_20130203_152956DON’T FALL FOR IT.